Up-Map T800+ App Based ECU Reflash for RS660 Tuono 660

Product image 1Up-Map T800+ App Based ECU Reflash for RS660 Tuono 660
Product image 2Up-Map T800+ App Based ECU Reflash for RS660 Tuono 660
Product image 3Up-Map T800+ App Based ECU Reflash for RS660 Tuono 660
Product image 4Up-Map T800+ App Based ECU Reflash for RS660 Tuono 660

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Up-Map T800+ App Based ECU Reflash for RS660

*Please note: This product is RACE use only and is not recommended for use on public roads*

As with any ECU modification, this product may affect original manufacturer warranty. Use at your own risk.

This is a Bluetooth Andriod or iOS smartphone app based Plug-and-Play option to get RACE (aka full power/full system exhaust compatible) mapping on your 660.

When you buy this product, you get the Up-Map T800+ module, the canbus cable, and then download the respective app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

This is a full power RACE only ECU flash for the RS660. All rider aid functions are retained, all dashboard functionality is retained, and the Pit Lane Speed Limiter is enabled.

Most importantly, this is a safe and correct way to run an aftermarket exhaust with no catalytic converter and allows removal any servo's or EGR system components without ECU errors or check engine lights.

ABS can be turned off for the rear wheel only. Front wheel ABS is always active.

The Upmap comes with three maps:

  1. Stock map (to restore the ECU to OEM status )
  2. The second map is analogous to the Aprilia RACE map for your bike; you can choose the Aprilia Race map (this is what AF1 Racing recommends), or an alternative non-race map for your model, if applicable. Use the promo code FREERACE to download it for free!
  3. The third map is a Gabro Racing tuned map: surf the map store via the App and choose the tuned map applicable to your bike mods. (Read map descriptions carefully! Use the promo code GRTMAP to download it for free!

Peak power gains with this ecu flash are nominal; our test bikes showed between 1 and 4 horsepower peak, when used with an Motobox RacingAkrapovic or SC Project exhaust. Biggest gains are in mid range rpms where power improvements were consistently 4-6 hp.

Additional indepth discussion of this product can be seen at this link on www.apriliaforum.com

The official installation and use manual in .pdf format and the full app user manual in .pdf format.

Please note: This ECU flash disables the mirror mounted front turn signals. Instead, when the turn signal button is pressed, the RH or LH LED eyebrows in the stock headlight illuminate, depending on which way you push the turn signal switch (RH activates RH brow LED, LH activates LH brow LED).

Some additional use and activation notes are below:

Note 1:

Once logged in the app and connected/paired the tool and app to the bike, you can download the stock map for restore.

Then go to the map store and download the race map using the coupon code "free-race"

Each T800+ marries only one ECU/Bike, so it can be used on your bike only.

Note 2:

Initial slow speed file transfer due to bluetooth instability has been solved. UpMap can be used on both Android and IOS phone/tablets.

The flashing process lasts about 15min, this new Marelli 11MP ECU stores a very big map file and needs time to download and write it down.

It is strongly recommended to use a battery tenders on the bike battery and to keep your smartphone plugged into it's charger during the flashing process. 

Note 3:

By the end of the flash the T800+ automatically performs throttle learning and errors reset. It will ask you to key-off/key-on the bike.

Once the ECU has been flashed you can choose if remove the Upmap T800+ module  from the bike or leave it connected. It goes standby after 30 minutes of bluetooth inactivity. Battery drain from the UpMap during standby is negligible.

OBD errors log/erase has been recently added to the App, so you'll be able to check error codes and reset them, if needed.




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